Accomplishing New Year’s Resolutions…

As I was retrieving all of my holiday season and winter gear from storage, I couldn’t help but think about all of the New Year’s Resolutions conversations we are about to have in the next month and a bit.

When a cycle gets to the end and a new one is about to begin, it is natural for us to dream big, to feel energized, to envision a new chance to start!

For some of us, New Year’s resolutions are a scary thought…. life is so chaotic that it is hard to tell where our time goes… and the years go by faster each cycle… next thing we know, we are rolling those resolutions over to the next year.

As chaos becomes the new normal, how can we drive the achievement of our goals, those which come from our world within? As the outside world demands so much of our time and attention, how can we make time to achieve those very intimate outcomes that will have a huge impact in reaching for our wildest dreams?

I have been there… and I am happy to say that I haven’t had New Year’s Resolutions for years… or maybe a couple of decades… Instead, I have a list of well-formed goals, and the joy of often coming across scribbles in an old notebook and finding that I have accomplished all of them and even more.

Of course I get stuck with one here and there… and it is great to be able to invest our time, effort and attention into these tougher ones, while the others just happen naturally.

What helped me to achieve this level of accomplishment was the Goal Setting Tool – Well-Formed Outcomes by NLP creators. This tool assists us in creating specific, compelling goals, congruently desirable, self-initiated and maintained, appropriately contextualized and it helps us to build an evidence procedure, so we know we got there. Another great aspect of this tool is that it  helps us to ensure that the outcomes are ecological by helping us to reflect upon how they will impact other areas of our lives, and our loved ones. To top it off when you use this tool, you are able to clearly identify which resources you already have, and those that you need to develop.

Once you reflect upon so many aspects surrounding a goal, your brain quickly learns what you are looking for and your entire system gets aligned and ready to move towards the desired outcomes. You naturally go through life making small and big decisions and choices that get you closer to these goals, and when you least expect it… you are there.

When I want to achieve something, I use this tool, regardless of what time of the year it is. As the impermanence concept implies, “who I am begins now”! So I choose to work into being a better “me”, a “me” who is constantly moving towards my dreams and goals in every small and big decision I make. By doing this, by allowing myself to be congruent and happy, I impact the world around me with the best I have to offer…

How about you? What goals will you achieve in 2021?


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