Love what you do and do what you love. Find fulfillment with your career by aligning your passion, talents and motivators in the pursuit of a sense of purpose.

Do you ever ask yourself “I wish someone could just tell me what to do? Should I accept that new position? Or, should I completely change the course of my career?”

The Career Coaching process is designed to bring clarity, certainty and direction to your career path. Get reassurance that you’re on the right track, and gain a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

During the Career Coaching process, you’ll be asked questions and be given exercises that generate deep reflection. You’ll gain an understanding of what is important to set yourself up for success and find a career that aligns with your values and purpose. This process helps you structure a career change, reinvent yourself professionally and give you the confidence to do what you’ve always dreamed of.

Cristina Cury Mandarina

Is Career Coaching for me?

Do you feel stranded in your career? Do you want to make a change but you’re not sure how to start or what to do? Does your career connect with your purpose?

With Career Coaching, you’ll find the support you need to find your own answers.

Change the course of your career by aligning your passions, talents and motivators to find your next move.


This process will take you through deep self-discovery to clearly identify your goals and set an action plan to achieve them. The process will take you through the following stages:

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What clients say about CAREER COACHING

“I am deeply grateful for the Coaching Process that I went through with Cristina Cury. It helped me immensely with my internal processes.
I was able to clarify ideas, expand possibilities, plan actions, deepen knowledge about myself and the world.
All the tools she used made sense to me.
Thank you for expanding my ability to act in my life. I feel a better person.”
Paula CuryEducator and Owner of Casa Pitanga
Paula Cury
I started my professional coaching services with Cristina at Mandarina Canada after going for a period of a difficult transition in my personal life. I wanted to have a set of skills and different perspectives shaping my professional career after this transition. Cris was my coach for about a year. Always on time, always available, always resourceful, always connected (deeply) with my questions. Cris is really empathetic and does not follow a recipe or a one-size-fits-all approach. She has enough knowledge and experience to identify when the coaching needs to pivot and to adjust to the coachee needs. At the end, the whole coaching process became a period of extreme growth, which surpassed the professional life and touched deeply my personal life, helping me to heal from fears and anxieties that were in the middle of taking professional decisions. It also had a positive ripple effect that persists until today, a year later. I use the resources and tools she taught me to get in sync with my decisions and attitudes in my new business and in my personal relations. I absolutely reccommend her services and I’m profoundly grateful to have had this opportunity myself. Thanks Cris!
Thamis EstevesFounder and CEO at ReModern.Homebranding
Thamis Esteves
“Cristina is an excellent professional with a huge heart that welcomed me with open arms in a moment where all I could see was darkness. During the Coaching process, I managed to recover my self-esteem and to open the path for the new and for the old in my life. Sometimes, answers are closer than we imagine. All we need is a little push to stop spinning around and around.”
Janaina FaertesCreative
Janaina Faertes
“When I decided to go through a coaching process with Cristina, I was in a very ‘confusing’ moment in my life.
I wanted to do something new, I knew it had no synergy to my academic education, but I had no idea of what I wanted. I was completely lost!
I started the coaching process and at each session, it seemed that a little light would come on and little by little, I started to see things that I could not see before. From skills that I had, to things that I liked, but had never considered doing.
Cristina, very carefully, helped me along the way to get to know myself better and to connect with my own essence. The home assignments that she proposed were very important to help me with this process.
After a few sessions, things were clearer than ever. I decided to take a post-graduate course in my new area and today, 3 years after the coaching process, I have my work dream completely accomplished and very aligned with the criteria that we established during the sessions.
I feel very grateful for having done this coaching process and extremely happy for having chosen Cristina to drive it. I could not have made a better choice.
My eternal gratitude to you, Cristina!”
Fernanda FreitasOwner of VerDe Perto
Fernanda Freitas
“I did Career Coaching with Cristina, weekly, in 2014. During those months, I was guided on a journey of self-knowledge and discovery. At the end of the process, I had acquired several tools that allowed for me to continue the journey independently.
Cristina supports her coachees very pragmatically, allowing them to ask themselves the right questions, instead of answering them herself. The process is plotted to help the coachee in recognizing their own capabilities and gaps, in order to draw a clearer future, more aligned with their goals. In my case, it actually helped me to choose my goals.
It is worth mentioning that, throughout the process, countless documents are produced. These documents not only have a “historical” value (I am sure that it will be a lot of fun looking back on them in 30 years), but they can also be constantly updated, which will allow for the process continuity and constant progress monitoring. For someone like me, who works by metrics, this has an immense value: making improvement tangible.
The process is very rich. I would highly recommend Cristina to anyone who wishes to improve in any aspect of life.”
Guilherme CuryData Intelligence
Guilherme Cury
“My experience with the coaching process conducted by Cris was a special opportunity in my life: it allowed me to unplug the auto-pilot, to slow down and activate the self-perception and self-knowledge modes, thus paying attention and doing what really makes sense for me!
At first, I was very anxious because I needed novelty and change and I had a huge desire to make movement to what seemed stagnant in my life. I feared contact with the unknown and experienced insecurity in fulfilling each proposed exercise. What would come out of there? However, through the techniques and tools worked on in the process, I was able to experience simple and inspiring (re)discoveries, to revisit concepts, memories and values ​​that brought me to the present and made me face my frailties and strengths. Working all this information is a matter of time.
The movement that coaching brought to me in the day-to-day made that initial anxiety gradually dissipate, untied knots, and (re)established internal and external connections. At the same time, I realized that maturing my own questions became more important to understand that the answers are already inside me. I just needed to know how to access them, and Cris can guide us through all this with great competence, empathy, generosity and patience!
I leave energized, empowered and with much motivation to carry out my own projects, contribute to this world and tell my stories. Thank you Cris!”
Rosana M.Confidential
Rosana M.
“When I started the professional coaching process, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I went to Cris because I always heard from friends how admirable she was, either for her professionalism and dedication or for the friendly and inspiring person she is.
I rediscovered more latent personal desires than professional desires, and we went a long way to come up with a plan of action that was most interesting to me in a very respectful and empathic way.
Thank you Cris for all the support and attention!”
Confidential – CoachingSales Executive
Confidential - Coaching