Happiness is in each of us!

Fortunately of unfortunately, we need to remember that we are not powerful enough to be able to generate happiness or unhappiness in someone else’s life.

Happiness is within each of us all the time and it does not depend on other’s decisions or actions.

Being happy is all about recognizing small and great things that work out in our lives everyday.

When I was 12 years old, my father gave me a t-shirt that said: “Life has the colour you paint it”. I reflected upon this statement my entire life. (and, yes, I have a blog post that carries this phrase as its title.)

Nothing is perfect in life. Not even the happiest moment is perfect. So… here is a question: are you going to look back on that almost entirely perfect moment and remember the 1% that went wrong, or will you focus on what went right?

On the contrary, the most hurtful moments, those which seem 100% unhappy… if they were erased from our lives, they would certainly take away from us all of the learning and insights they generated… they would weaken personal bonds that were formed on those very moments… a big loss. Nothing is 100% happy… nothing is 100% unhappy or imperfect.

When you wake up in the morning, when you look at yourself in the mirror, will you think about everything that you have already accomplished, or will you get stuck on things that you dreamed of but haven’t yet achieved?

Are you going to look at everything that you haven’t achieved, and that may only have made sense in the past, as learning experiences, or as a defeat? Which other way can you live the same accomplishment with a current project that fits right into your life as it is today?

In this life… either you have tons of willingness to be happy, or you will probably be unhappy, regardless of how many blessings life has given you.

Happiness depends solely and exclusively on each and every one of us. No one capable to make you happy or unhappy, except for yourself.

May we live our lives, more and more, by finding happiness in the small and great things.

How about you? What small and great things make you happy?


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