Nature’s Wisdom

Summer’s long days and lush scenery are such a bliss to experience. The vibrant energy is everywhere, and we sometimes forget that a new season will soon arrive. 

I can never forget the day my 2-year-old niece went for a stroll in the park and returned really worried that all leaves had fallen… as they would never return. 

It reminded me how much we could take nature’s wisdom for granted. 

Yes, we all appreciate the colours and the change in landscape. Still, nature can teach us so much about adapting to new cycles, retreating, letting go, processing, rebalancing, and finding renewed energy to blossom right back stronger each time.

More than I ever experienced in my lifetime, it now became evident that it is not the strongest who thrive but those who can endure change, pain, and discomfort and still find a way toward brighter days.

When presented with harsh conditions, nature doesn’t try to control them. It adapts.

In a much similar movement, we all – as individuals, families, groups and organizations – had to let go of control and embrace flexibility to adapt to unprecedented conditions. 

So much has changed faster and more significantly than we could have ever anticipated: our daily routines, relationship dynamics, the way we use technology, processes, budgets, team structures, and even our sense of responsibility and accountability in understanding and delivering a brand’s promise. 

There will be no looking back. We live in an ever-changing world.

Now it is a matter of finding the perfect balance for you, your groups and your organizations. All perspectives matter: client, talent, investors, community, and business partners must weigh in to find the perfect formula. 

What are the renewed stakeholder’s needs and expectations? How can you, as a leader, transform to adapt? How does all this align with your organization’s culture? How do you attract, develop and retain great talent? Planning plays a huge part in finding these answers.

When planning your 2023, remember to include actions that will help you move fast and assertively towards your goals. 

Mandarina can support you in facilitating structured group discussions to align visions, create action plans, transform challenges into innovative ideas, and implement them. 

We specialize in customer experience and leadership grooming and can walk beside you punctually or through the entire change process. 

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