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Facilitating is the key to successful human development. It brings clarity to your group, draws out knowledge and insight from each of the group members and, increases their ability to reach their full potential.

The facilitating process starts by mapping the status quo of your group and defining the desired outcomes. Then, I offer guidance and support to keep the group discussion moving in a smooth and productive manner and ensure all ideas are heard. During this process, your team works together to boost their confidence in overcoming challenges, creating new plans, thinking outside-the-box and putting those ideas into action.


    Do you have a great idea but don’t know how to get it out to the world? Not sure how to achieve your goals or move a project forward? Let’s work together! By asking the right questions and sharing the best practices, we’ll create an action plan to find your way to move forward and get you where you want to be.


    Does getting a group to move in a certain direction seem impossible? Differences in opinions, values and ideas can make leading groups of people a challenge. I can facilitate your process by aligning views and goals to find the best way to get your team to the finish line. Great for families, a group of friends, a mastermind group, a department, a leadership group or any group of people with a common goal.


    Is planning and strategizing in your organization challenging? Whether you are planning a retreat or need to facilitate a decision-making process, I can help your organization increase its efficiency by facilitating these processes.

No two groups are the same, which is why I carefully choose and put together different skills, tools and exercises to suit your group’s individual situation. Each participant develops and exercises their soft skills while working together in an open and trusting environment. By using all layers of verbal and non-verbal information, participants are allowed to share individual views, values, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and intentions, until they achieve the desired results both individually and collectively.



Online and in Person

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, but I will support you and your goals anywhere in the world.


The best way to learn is through experience. Through my training and speeches, you experience a “hands-on” approach that creates meaningful long-lasting learning by using practical exercises, discussions and reflections.

A speech must pique your interest and be attention-grabbing to be effective. My short speeches use storytelling, self- reflection and discussions that create engagement and personal identification with the content. You’ll be left inspired and empowered to take action.


    Become a better leader, learn how to motivate your team and develop special skills through my one-on-one training, mentoring and coaching sessions.


    Enrich your group with the opportunity to learn from one of my personal or professional development themes through training or a speech. Programs can be modified to best suit your group’s needs.


    Training is available for all levels of your organization. You can bring together different departments, seniority levels or have more alike groups — our program is customized for your specific needs. Share an inspiring speech to a large group in your organization, or put together a smaller audience for more practice so they can master new skills.

Best selling content

  • Sales through Service: The secret to building loyalty and long-lasting partnerships.
  • Customer Problem-Solving: The art of transforming adversity into opportunities.
  • Training for Trainers: Creating and delivering spectacular content that gets results.
  • Time-management: Make your vision a reality.
  • Smart Processes: Save time and money while getting results.
  • Well-Formed Goals: Don’t let anything hold you back, let your goals be the drive to push past any obstacles.
  • Feedback as a development tool: The art of giving feedback and creating a trusting environment.
  • High-performance Communication: The secret to success.
  • The Art of Interviewing: Behaviour interviews and the secret to finding the right people for your business.
  • Conflict Resolution: Transform diversity into creativity and challenges into opportunities.
  • Performance Evaluation: Get the results you desire with well-formed goals.
  • Accountability: Effective meetings to build a strong and accomplished team that takes action and drives change.
  • Engagement: Achieving your business’ every goal.
  • Public Speaking: The liberating art of leading high-performance teams.
  • Delegating to Develop: Gain confidence and say goodbye to the butterflies.
  • Resilience: Use leadership to ease pressure and drive results.
  • Presence: The antidote to anxiety.
  • Mindfulness at the Workplace: Reduce stress and increase performance.
  • Building Rapport: Build strong connections and meaningful interactions.
  • Excellence in Customer Experience: Build loyalty through memorable experiences.
  • NLP training: Neuro-linguistic programming. Contact us to understand our NLP training programs.
  • Hoping for a different theme? Contact me and if it is my specialty, I will be happy to prepare it for you.


anywhere, ANYTIME

Let’s book an ONLINE session and start to work together.
I have clients spread all around the world!


From the early years of my career, it was clear to me that one of my strongest passions is to contribute to personal development. I now have the honour of facilitating the coaching process and share moments of joy and accomplishment with my clients.

Coaching will give you clarity, strength and motivation to get closer to your wildest dreams and goals. Whether you want to drive the change you want to see in your life, excel in a skill you lack, or if you are looking for clarity and direction in your professional career, I am here to guide you through this path of sustainable change.


    Learn exactly what you need in the way that best suits you. This highly personalized program utilizes powerful learning shifts that will help you reach a deep insight into your own self.


    Coaching can help your group develop a stronger bond, open and constructive communication and trusting relationships. Whether it is for your family, a sports team, a group working on a project or a part of an organization, Group Coaching offers the opportunity to generate deep learning and a strong connection between its members.


    Are you starting your own business? Do you need to set goals, plan and make decisions? I can facilitate this process to make it easier and more efficient for you with Coaching.

My CoachING Certifications

  • Integrated Coaching Institute – ICI, recognized by the International Coaching Federation – ICF;
  • International Association of Coaching Institutes – ICI;
  • ABNLP – American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming;
  • Presence Coach by Robert Dilts and Richard Moss;
  • TimeLine Therapy ™ – Time Line Therapy Association.
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I have several certifications in Coaching, including Life, Executive and Career Coaching. Weather if you wish to be the agent for the change you want to see in the quality of one or more areas of your life, or if you want to excel in a competence that you feel you lack, or if you just want to have clarity of where you want to go with your career, I am here to guide you through this rewarding path.

Life Coach Vancouver

Life Coaching

Feel empowered to get the most out of life and achieve your goals and dreams. Learn how to overcome challenges and obstacles to live the life you want.

Executive Coach Vancouver

Executive Coaching

Identify where you’ve hit a wall and get the tools to strengthen your skills, overcome challenges and improve your performance. Inspire your team!

Career Coach Vancouver

Career Coaching

Find fulfillment with your career by aligning your passion, talents and motivators in the pursuit of a sense of purpose. Tailor-made service!