Happiness is in each of us!

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Fortunately of unfortunately, we need to remember that we are not powerful enough to be able to generate happiness or unhappiness in someone else’s life. Happiness is within each of us all the time and it does not depend on other’s decisions or actions. Being happy is all about recognizing small and great things that work […]

Life is the colour you paint it…

Life is the colour you paint it

I remember once arriving at a college in Florida, my 15th Birthday gift, and finding a group of teens who did nothing but complaining about the rules, the food, the teachers, the level exam, and everything else. As I was arriving, super excited about the whole trip, I chose not to let that colour my […]

The flip side of a luxury hotel

The flip side of a luxury hotel

Image Source: Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea – HI On my first blog post, I talked about having faced many challenges working for a hotel. You may be wondering what can be so challenging about working at some of the most gorgeous and pleasant places on the face of our planet. Looking from outside, […]